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Did you know that, along with steampunk, I write romance novels? In fact, that’s where my career began–my very first full-length sale was my MA thesis from Seton Hill University in 2002 (I was a romance major—no, really!). Harlequin published it as Her Private Eye in 2003 … 34 books ago! The rights have since reverted and I retitled it Caught You Looking.

Caught You Looking by Shelley Adina

Want a copy? It’s a cute little book and I’m quite proud of it!

Being traditionally published has a number of good things about it (the Harlequin party every year at the Romance Writers of America national conference being one) but given the choice, I would rather that my author-owned press, Moonshell Books, Inc., released my work. So when the rights reverted for three more of my Harlequin books, I got busy!

All my romances so far are set in beautiful Moonshell Bay, a fictional beach town in the Pacific Northwest. The Men of CLEU miniseries within the larger Moonshell Bay romance series was always meant to be a trilogy, but Harlequin didn’t treat it that way. The covers had no brand continuity, they didn’t come out on a schedule that would allow one book to lead naturally into another, and there was no “series flash” to indicate the books were meant to be a set. Of course, with 120 books released per month, Harlequin had other things to think about than my little trilogy. But now that I have them back, I can do all those things myself.

The multi-talented Kalen O’Donnell did the covers. Aren’t they beautiful?


These are Moonshell Bay books 1, 2, and 3, and Caught You Looking is book 4. Caught You Listening, Book 5, is half done, and Caught You Hiding, Book 6, is plotted out.

Books 1–3 were originally released in Harlequin’s Blaze line, which meant they were very sexy, with fully explicit love scenes. Well, that’s not my brand anymore, so I’ve removed the sex but kept the sizzle of attraction. If you like romantic adventure with cop heroes, then I hope you’ll like these!

Just released this week is Call For Me, which will get its own post in a day or two. I hope you’ll give it a try!

I won’t be sacrificing steampunk to romance, but it is fun for me. I love the courtship story as well as good, old-fashioned adventure, don’t you?


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