A Lady of Integrity audiobook releases today!

A Lady of Integrity audiobook by Shelley Adina, narrated by Fiona HardinghamA number of you have been asking when the next Magnificent Devices book will be out in audio. I’m happy to say that today, September 6, book seven—A Lady of Integrity—comes out! It’s available at all the usual places, plus in CD boxed sets (which make lovely Christmas presents).

Will a daring rescue put a wedding and a future at risk?

Lady Claire Trevelyan and renowned scientist Andrew Malvern are looking forward to domestic felicity in London when they are surprised by an unexpected visitor. A desperate and fugitive Alice Chalmers seeks their help—her ship has been seized in the Duchy of Venice and worse, her navigator Jake has been thrown into the dreaded underwater prison from which no one ever escapes. Even the innocent.

Lady Claire is about to embark on her career in Munich at the Zeppelin Airship Works. The Mopsies are beginning their final year at school. Andrew Malvern begins to despair of his fiancée ever choosing a wedding gown … but when help is denied from official quarters, the close bonds of friendship and shared adventure trump all these considerations with an urgency that cannot be ignored.

But there is a brooding evil waiting for them in Venice … an evil that would just as soon put an end to the flock’s interference once and for all. With an innocent friend’s unexpected return and a pair of secret agents who would prefer that women not become involved … the situation clearly calls for the inner resources of a lady of integrity.

“It’s another element I love about these books; from Claire to Gloria to Alice to Lizzie and Maggie to Lady Dunsmuir, the women in this series generally like and respect each other. Other women are not required to be lesser—weaker, more cowardly, less intelligent—in order for Claire to be awesome. She is not an exceptional woman, she is an awesome woman among awesome women.” —Fangs for the Fantasy, on A Lady of Integrity

2 thoughts on “A Lady of Integrity audiobook releases today!”

  1. TeddyTeddy


    I guess I’ll have to wait a while longer for the overseas release so I can get it on Audible UK.

    But it’s nice to have it to look forward too


    September 9, 2016

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