The beauty of art

Lady Claire by SydneyI’m a visual person—nothing makes me happier than getting my cover art, and nothing untangles a plot knot faster than drawing a map on a paper placemat (romance and YA author Linda McGinnis keeps me well supplied with those for just this purpose). For most of my life, though, I couldn’t draw a straight line with a ruler. Once I started taking watercolour painting lessons, that improved some, but I still have enormous admiration for people who can draw and paint with natural talent.

Which made it a stunning surprise when I got a text from a fellow writer I’d met through the amazing Cruising Writers group, telling me that a young friend of hers–Sydney, aged 13–had loved the Magnificent Devices books she’d given her for her birthday, and here was a portrait of Lady Claire! Thank you so much, Sydney … this is my very first fan art!


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