Back in print—Balm of Gilead

“Senft’s characters are richly drawn and are so endearing I guarantee you won’t be able to get enough of them!” —Christian Fiction Addiction

While a young Dokterfraa learns to heal the body, the Great Physician heals the heart …

Balm of Gilead by Adina Senft

With Henry Byler now engaged to an Englisch woman, Sarah Yoder is doing her best to find peace, treating the members of her Old Order Amish community with all the skill an herbalist-in-training can muster. Since Henry never joined church, they could never have been anything but cordial neighbors, anyway. The solution is to keep busy. Her son Simon is back from the ranch in Colorado. Her sister-in-law Amanda needs a little help in the matchmaking department. And more and more members of the church are seeking her help. 

When Henry comes to her for a cure to heal his sensitive hands before his success as a potter is jeopardized, Sarah must do all she can to stifle the longing in her heart. As his friend, she must also be painfully honest about this new plan of his—to be filmed for a reality show called Shunning Amish. Will the cost to the community be too high?

The Great Physician is able to heal any hurt—only He has the power to change an impossible situation and bring people back to Himself. But Sarah has to wonder whether it might already be too late, with Henry’s wedding only weeks away…

This is the second edition. First published by Hachette FaithWords in 2015.

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