New release: The Judge Wore Lamp Black

Available in digital and print paperback

Book five of the Mysterious Devices series of clockwork cozies set in the Magnificent Devices world!

The family circle is all Daisy and Freddie have longed for. But sometimes a circle can close … and constrict … and kill.

Daisy and Freddie Linden and their friends arrive in Port Townsend, only to be arrested as spies and brought before the most feared man in the Wild West— “Hanging” Judge Wilson Bonnell. But the unexpected intervention of an old friend plucks them out of the frying pan and tosses them into the glittering whirl of local society, where Freddie wonders if she could be in love at last. But they’re still standing too close to the fire—when a long-sought and familiar figure is spotted on the beach, bending over the lifeless body of the judge. 

Have they finally located their beloved father, only to have him clapped in gaol by the Royal Canadian Airborne Police? In a dizzying descent from society belles to social pariahs, Daisy and Freddie now have only themselves to rely on. And they have less than a week to force the killer into the light before their beloved father hangs for a crime he didn’t commit.

“Buckle up, you are in for a ride like no other.” — A License to Quill

“This … continues much of what I always loved about the Magnificent Devices series—an involved world, and some excellent, intelligent, capable, flawed but growing female characters with excellent relationships between them.” —Fangs for the Fantasy, on The Bride Wore Constant White

4 thoughts on “New release: The Judge Wore Lamp Black”

  1. Claire KingClaire King

    Thank you for keeping your magnificent devices series going. I love dropping in on old friends and catching up over tea and cake, and that is what your books give me. I love the stories and the characters, the pictures you paint in my mind, and the chickens! I stitch onto dried tea bags as stress relief, so seeing someone paint tea cups really resonated with me

  2. Carlene CzarnikCarlene Czarnik

    I just finished the book and I loved it! When does The Professor Wore Prussian Blue come out? No pressure, LOL.

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