MD4 is now Brilliant Devices!

Many thanks to Bob, who devised the winning title for the fourth book in the series! It was hard to make a decision because you folks were so creative and thoughtful in your suggestions. But since book 4 takes place partly in the diamond mines, and the old-fashioned word for cut diamonds was brilliants, it seemed to suit perfectly. As well, the invention that changes the course of Claire’s life is, in a word, brilliant. If she does say so herself.

And so is Bob. You win a copy of the book when it’s released in February 2013, Bob, in whatever format you choose. Thank you!

(And by the way, I’m keeping a list of these titles. Some practically beg for their own books.)


10 thoughts on “MD4 is now Brilliant Devices!”

  1. CameronCameron

    What a great title! Looking forward to reading it!

  2. BobBob

    Yay! (Kindle version, please!) Excited to read the further adventures of Lady Claire!

    • adminadmin

      Bob, send me an email at shelleyadina at mac dot com and I’ll send you a coupon for a Kindle edition. I haven’t forgotten I owe you!

  3. JakeJake

    Great title. Congratulations Bob. Sorry not to win but will definitely be reading.

  4. GrandmaGrandma

    What entertainment !!!!!! At 65, I have had the best time in the world of Lady Claire and Rosie !!!!!!

    December 20, 2012
    • adminadmin

      I’m so glad! I’m having the best time, too, LOL! More to come in book four …

      December 20, 2012
      • GrandmaGrandma

        Love your picture with Rosie !!!!!

        December 20, 2012
  5. TonyaTonya

    Can’t wait for the 4th installment of this series!

  6. KarenKaren

    What a fantastic start to the 4th book in this series! The first three have been great reads, so I’m looking forward to “Brilliant Devices” (Kindle version, please)!

  7. GrandmaGrandma

    I can hardly wait…I tried to pre order but no luck !!!!!!!!

    February 19, 2013

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