Stop by Amish Wisdom July 20 and 30

Coming up are a couple of appearances on my friend Suzanne Woods Fisher’s popular site, Amish Wisdom. Hope you’ll join us!

  • On July 20, Balm of Gilead will be featured with an excerpt from the book and a giveaway copy or two. Be sure to stop by and comment!
  • On July 30, I’ll be talking about those controversial Amish reality shows like Amish Mafia and Breaking Amish, which have pretty well been debunked as made up. But what’s the attraction, I wonder? And why am I even talking about this? Well, there’s a reality show in Balm of Gilead that wants Henry Byler to appear on it … but can he pay the price if he agrees to take their money and let them tell a story that may do more harm than good?

Join us on Amish Wisdom!

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