A Lady of Spirit—audiobook available!

A Lady of Spirit by Shelley Adina, performed by Fiona HardinghamOn November 6, the audiobook of book 6, A Lady of Spirit, was released by Blackstone Audio, and is available on lots of retail outlets! I’m delighted that this release includes a bonus track—the song “Neptune’s Maid” that poor dear Claude learned on his epic crawl through the pubs of Penzance. It is performed much more tunefully by the folk duo JR Shanty Co. at the end of the audiobook, on disc six of the set.

Yes, disc! As with book five, these audiobooks are available in CD boxed sets. So convenient for long road trips … or to tuck into a Christmas stocking!

Find yours here, or order them at your local retailer—you might even talk to your library about stocking a set or two. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

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