Devices Brightly Shining—What happened to chapter 1?

Devices Brightly Shining by Shelley AdinaI have just been informed by a vigilant reader that in her copy of Devices Brightly Shining, chapter one is actually the first chapter of Fields of Air! The first chapter of the Christmas novella should open with Alice and Ian receiving their invitation to the Dunsmuirs’ ball in London, not with Gloria at a ball in the Fifteen Colonies. Gloria comes in the excerpt at the end of the novella.

After I recovered from this dreadful news (and thought things not lawful to be uttered about software and the corruption thereof), I swiftly re-uploaded the book to all the retailers and double-checked that indeed the invitation to the Dunsmuirs’ ball was in the opening pages.

Please, if somehow your copy does not have the correct opening chapter, I beg you to re-download it from your retailer of choice. If the gods smile on me, you will receive the corrected version with no further trouble.

Excuse me while I go hunt up the smelling salts. I am quite done in.


6 thoughts on “Devices Brightly Shining—What happened to chapter 1?”

  1. bobforwardbobforward

    Oh, that must have been a dreadful shock! Fortunately for me I’ve been saving mine for the Thanksgiving holiday, so I’ll make sure to have the correct version before delving in. Anticipating it!

    November 13, 2015
  2. Miriam GMiriam G

    I think hot chocolate, whipped cream, and chocolate chip scones are in order!

    November 13, 2015
  3. Esther TaylorEsther Taylor


    I rather liked the opening I have……a LOT!……it was totally intriguing!!

    ……..especially as it all ties together so well…..(or so I thought!!)…….now how can I keep both versions!!

    I am in a conundrum……..or do I HAVE a conundrum……..


    November 13, 2015

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