Fields of Gold release day!

Fields of Gold by Shelley Adina

There’s nothing quite like release day—and when it’s the last book in a series, the day becomes a little bittersweet. I hope you’ll enjoy the culmination of Gloria’s adventure, (find it here). I had such fun writing it, to say nothing of the research on battle scenes and cannons!

While all good things must come to an end, luckily more good things can follow. I’m planning a spinoff series of stories that will tie up a loose end, and where we’ll likely see a number of familiar faces. I hope you’ll stay aboard for the next adventure, hopefully coming in late autumn of this year!

Book 12 in the Magnificent Devices steampunk series

If a wedding won’t stop a war, what will?

Gloria Meriwether-Astor’s belief in doing the right thing has carried her across the world and through dangers that would have felled a lesser woman. She believed that if she married the dashing Captain Fremont, she could approach the Viceroy of the Royal Kingdom of Spain and the Californias with impunity. She could convince the prince to stop the war their fathers began, and then she could return to Philadelphia with her husband, her conscience clear at last. Sadly, belief and reality are two different things. The prince agrees to her proposal on one condition—that she annul her marriage and become his wife instead!

Every woman has a threshold she will not cross. Gloria has come to love her riverboat captain, and the price of peace is simply too high. But when the evil stalking the pleasant gardens of San Luis Obispo de Tolosa claims its victim, the time for belief is over and the time to act—daringly, outrageously—is at hand. Do the witches hold the key to a way out of this trap?

All Gloria has to do is take up the crown of roses and play for the highest stakes. All she has to do is become the iron dragon, and start a war of her own.

“It’s another excellent chapter in this ongoing epic adventure of this series. I love this world and the story of these excellent women and the saga will never end. No. It will not.” —Fangs for the Fantasy, on Fields of Iron

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9 thoughts on “Fields of Gold release day!”

  1. Joanne RobertsJoanne Roberts

    Congratulations! As a fairly new fan I alternate between barrelling through your stories and holding off so I have something to look forward to. (I dread the day when there won’t be any more Devices stories I haven’t read!) so thanks for keeping us, your readers, hip-deep in stories and happy book birthday.

  2. EstherEsther

    Had pre-ordered …. I checked and it is downloaded!
    I see a re-reading Binge in my near future!
    Thanks so much Adina!!

  3. Tom SwisherTom Swisher

    I am a print customer. I have no interest in digital books.If you have a business reason for publishing digital first, fine. Just let us pre-order the print version or tell us the date it’s coming out. It’s wildly irritating to have to check Amazon every day (six weeks now) to see if Fields of Gold is out yet.

  4. DustinDustin

    I absolutely love this series and own many of the books and audiobooks. Will Fields of Gold ever come out in audiobook?

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