The PhD and Ethics—results

Since my PhD research will include interviews with living people, my application–all 18 pages of it–for the ethics review at the university (here’s my previous post about it) had to pass through three levels of approval:

  • My supervisor
  • The ethics committee, including a department reviewer
  • The Ethics Officer, chair of the ethics committee

The reviews take longer in the summer because any one of these folks could be on holiday or away on a research trip. In my reading, I found that the committee’s next meeting date was July 13, which meant I had just got my application in under the wire! Two days later, I got an email saying the application had indeed been reviewed, and requesting amendments to it, mostly for clarity.

Those completed, the application went back. A few days after that, an email came saying that the chair of the ethics committee was requesting a few more amendments.

Those completed, the application went back. I got an email this morning that my application had been approved and I was now free to conduct my research. Woohoo! And not only that—since ethics applications in the Creative Writing department are fairly rare and my application was “very good,” could they use it as an “example of good practice” for students and staff in the future?

My goodness. Of course they could! What a happy little present to be given during this process.

Now, on to my interviews!


10 thoughts on “The PhD and Ethics—results”

  1. Monica SpenceMonica Spence

    See, the PhD is not as scary as you thought! 🙂
    Hazard yet Forward.

  2. Jodie EschJodie Esch

    Bravo! You are moving forward. Your momentum is great. I found that the various committees that I was dealing with, were excellent in keeping me on track or telling me what to do next to satisfy their requirements.

    Plus how fabulous that they admire your process!

  3. barb rosebarb rose

    Oh Shelley…….who could ask for more!

    Congratulations for success so far after so much work!

  4. Gail BaileyGail Bailey

    I never doubted that you would have an interesting and successful journey towards your Ph.D. Kudos to you for writing your ethics applications with such skill and style that it can serve as an exemplar.

  5. BobFBobF

    Darn, won’t let me edit. Let’s change that to: “Of course. Hardly a surprise that the writer of Lady Claire would do things properly.”

  6. MegMeg

    CONGRATS! You go, girl!! Knew you’d get approved.

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