Cover reveal: The Bride Wore Constant White

The Bride Wore Constant White by Shelley AdinaYou’ve heard me say it before—there’s nothing quite as exciting as getting your first look at the cover of a book. And this time it took my breath away. Jenny at Seedlings Design Studio extracted the vision from out of my head and turned it into reality. (It’s not the first time she’s done that, either.)

So I’m delighted to introduce you to Miss Daisy Linden, and share the first Mysterious Devices cover—a spinoff series of clockwork cozy mysteries featuring this young lady watercolorist. She and her stowaway sister Frederica are searching for their father in the Wild West, where the good guys don’t always get justice and sometimes evil wins. But with the help of a snake-oil salesman, various forgotten and neglected children, and the unexpected appearance of some familiar faces from the Magnificent Devices adventures, I have a feeling the truth will out in the end.

Each title is the name of a pigment in the watercolor palette used at the turn of the last century. Each victim teaches Daisy and Frederica a little about themselves and how they want to shape the world. And each book may bring them closer to mending their broken family. I hope you’ll join me on this next adventure!


8 thoughts on “Cover reveal: The Bride Wore Constant White”

  1. ETET

    I cannot begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to more in the Lady’s storyline…….

    • Shelley AdinaShelley Adina

      The fact of the matter is that I can’t walk away from this world. And when Daisy elbowed her way into my brain, I couldn’t walk away from her, either. She may not have as many social graces as the Lady, but she’s a loyal friend with a fierce desire for justice. I hope you like her!

  2. Rachel RatliffRachel Ratliff

    The cover is beautiful! I can’t wait : )

    • Shelley AdinaShelley Adina

      It literally took my breath away. Talk about getting exactly what you saw in your head and couldn’t explain!

  3. KimDayKimDay

    Love this series. Just introduced it to one of my friends last night. Do you have a tentative publication date for this new book? Can’t wait to add it to the collection! Good luck with your Ph.D novel!

  4. Lady MLady M

    Shelley, I am super excited! The Magnificent Devices series is one of my favorite! Do we know when The Bride Worn Constant White will be available?

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