Magnificent Devices: Overview

An air voyage to remember turns into a disaster no one may survive.

With her orphaned charges, Lady Claire Trevelyan joins the Earl of Dunsmuir’s family on an airship voyage to the Americas. If she can stay out of Lord James Selwyn’s way until her eighteenth birthday, she will be of age and cannot be forced into marriage. What she doesn’t know is that Lord James is in the Americas, too, with Andrew Malvern closing in on him—and the wonderful device he stole. But when a storm cripples the airship and air pirates swoop in like carrion birds, Claire and the children must live by their wits to make their way across a harsh landscape. Will Andrew ever see her again and right the wrong he believes he has done? Will Lord James succeed in his monumental thievery? And how exactly does Rosie the chicken evade the soup pot?

Tighten your goggles, pull on your gloves, and prepare yourself for stratagems and strangeness in the third book in the series, Magnificent Devices!

“The Magnificent Devices series continues to wow me book after book—this time around with pirates, automatons, trains and explosions and the wild, wild west!” —Amy’s Book Den

“Adina manages to lure us into the steampunk era with joy and excitement. Her plotline is strong and the cast of characters are well interwoven. It’s Adina’s vivid descriptions of Victorian London that make you turn the pages.”  —Novel Chatter

“A cautionary tale, demonstrating why young ladies should be taught neither chemistry nor mechanics. Not proper for well-bred young persons to read.” —Timons Esaias

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6 thoughts on “Magnificent Devices: Overview”

  1. JakeJake

    Almost forgot to purchase this one. Have become a fan. Looking forward to many more adventures.

  2. JoJo

    Not available in uk…. When is it published here?

    • Shelley AdinaShelley Adina

      Jo, it’s not actually finished yet … Release dated is scheduled for 10 October 2012. It should appear in the UK shortly afterward. Thanks!

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