London calling

It’s been a while since I posted, mostly due to technical difficulties. I’ve grown so dependent on technology to communicate that when it doesn’t work, I’m hobbled!

We’ve been busy in the last couple of days: a walking tour of Royal London, and an afternoon of beach combing on the Thames at low tide, much as Maggie and Lizzie might have done, looking for anything interesting. I found a clay pipe stem and a fossil of a starfish, which wouldn’t have interested them at all, but pleased me. Couldn’t keep them, though … There’s a bacteria in the water that’s fatal and the guide had us wear rubber gloves to do our muck raking (see where that word comes from?). I got a bit spooked and left my plunder for the river.

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    Thank you so much for the lovely review! I’m glad you enjoyed the book and hope to see you again on the adventure! London was marvelous and I was able to get good pictures of various locations in Lady of Devices. Alas, I couldn’t go on the Jack the Ripper tour of Whitechapel … something to look forward to next time.

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