Ha! Gore Verbinski stole my idea

In Magnificent Devices, Andrew Malvern (spoiler alert!) is imprisoned atop a pinnacle cell—a spire of rock from which there is no escape. Have you seen the first few seconds of the trailer for The Lone Ranger starring Johnny Depp? Methinks Mr. Verbinski has been reading the Devices series (well, a girl can dream, can’t she?):


2 thoughts on “Ha! Gore Verbinski stole my idea”

  1. kdbdogmomkdbdogmom

    I thought the same thing when I saw it. Then I wondered how he got down…… LOL.

    December 22, 2012
  2. Rachel RatliffRachel Ratliff

    That’s too funny – I just saw that preview last week and thought, Is that Mr. Malvern??! I’m sure he got it from you : )

    December 28, 2012

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