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Recently I’ve been around other authors a lot, enjoying the benefits of people who generously share what they know. My to-do list has been getting longer as a result, and full of more highlight pen colours! Some things are difficult to put in place (marketing plan for Germany, I’m looking at you). Others are very simple, like the bright idea of providing a printable booklist for my series.

“But the reading list is already in the back of every book,” I protested.

“Yes, but it isn’t in your reader’s hand or tacked up on their wall or in their wallet when they want something to read,” came the reply.

So here it is. If there is anything else that should be on there or that might be useful to you, I hope you’ll let me know. And as always, titles of books yet to be released are subject to change without notice. Until they’re fixed on a cover, I change them according to the story’s needs (as an example, Mysterious Devices 3 has gone through three title changes so far–or maybe I should say three changes of victim!–and it’s not out until May 2019).

Download the printable booklist here!


2 thoughts on “Printable booklist”

  1. ETET

    and most appreciated!!

    November 19, 2018
  2. CliveClive

    Ah this is perfect, especially as I get offered books via kindle and they are often grouped as boxed sets and I want to know where they fit in the compendium. More authors should do this.

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