Book signing April 20, 2013 in Capitola, CA

Shelley Adina book eventTomorrow I’ll be signing print copies of the Magnificent Devices series as well as my latest traditionally published release, The Tempted Soul, at Inklings Books & Things in the Capitola Mall, Capitola, CA from 2:00–4:00 p.m. If you’re in the neighborhood, I hope you’ll stop by! Romance author Jasmine Haynes will be signing with me, so among our 3+ genres, there has to be something that appeals to you. And if not, we’ll point you to the right bookshelf inside 🙂

This little bookshop has an interesting history. It started out as a Waldenbooks—remember those? They were in every mall in America, it seemed, along with B. Dalton. Then Borders bought the chain and this little store became a Borders Express. Well, you know what happened to Borders. So the employees of the store got together, took back control of their destinies, and created a little indie bookstore themselves, and they’ve been so supportive of the local genre-fiction authors, myself included.

Jasmine and I have known each other for years, and since neither of us likes to do book events alone, we do them together. (Yes, Amish fiction and hot romance on the same table. It gets people talking!) We have so much fun yakking and laughing with the booksellers and with shoppers that actually selling a book is gravy! Because selling books is not why an author does an in-store book event. No, in my mind, they’re meant to build relationships—with the booksellers, with folks who walk in, with other authors in the community who may be able to do an event if ours goes well and people enjoy themselves.

A couple of hours with good friends talking about books? Sign me up!


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  1. JakeJake

    Only sorry I do not live closer sounds like a fun event. Really enjoy your books.

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