Magnificent Devices 4-book set is now available!

4-book Magnificent Devices boxed set

The “Claire Quartet” is now available on amazon for $8.99, which is like getting four books for the price of two … over 250,000 words! I’m adding it to the other online retailers over the course of the week, so Nook and Kobo and iBooks won’t be far behind. As I get those links, I’ll update this post.

Some of you had asked how it went with the PressBooks tool. In a word: Perfectly.

As I said in my last post, on a random blog I’d read about, which is a site where you can format your ebooks online and then download the finished products in the three major formats: .mobi, .epub, and .pdf. The cool thing about PressBooks is, it’s like a WordPress blog. You have a Book with Parts and Chapters, and Front/Back Matter. Each chapter is a “posting” on the “blog,” and then you hit Export and it formats it into a complete book in the three major formats.

I was looking at hiring someone to compile the “Claire Quartet,” and then thought, oh, what the heck, let’s experiment. So I loaded all four books into this tool, chapter by chapter. I made an Introduction, licensing, About the Author, Upcoming Releases, etc., hit Export, and out came a beautifully formatted book, ready for upload. Oh–and I included cover images at the beginning of each Part! Easy peasy for this non-technical girl more at home with chickens than code.

So if you’d like the Quartet all in one purchase instead of four, I’m delighted to direct you here:

Seriously, I’m dazzled. If you like WordPress (which I do) this seems like a ridiculously simple and useful tool, without all the gunk that Word puts into things. I’ve tested the resulting docs on iPad and on my Kindle touch, and they’re perfect.

If you’re self-publishing and finding formatting  scary, but you like to blog, this may be the ticket for you.

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