Viva voce: done!

I’m thrilled and delighted to share with you all that I defended my dissertation, Holy City, on July 26 and have achieved my PhD in Creative Writing!

I “passed with minor corrections,” which everyone gets in the Creative Writing program. It simply means I’ll get a revision letter, make the changes they suggest, and turn it in. Once the internal examiner approves it, it’s off to the Registrar for the final wrap-up and paperwork.

Mostly I just want to know: When can I order my doctoral robes??

Eddie DeLarm’s Sky King comes to Holy City, ca. 1929.

6 thoughts on “Viva voce: done!”

  1. Yorick WellmanYorick Wellman

    So happy for you. Nothing less than you deserve.

  2. Nicole JorgensenNicole Jorgensen

    Congratulations 🎉👏
    You’re achievement of a PhD is fantastic and reaffirms your amazing ability to write creatively! Well done!!
    PS I know your husband as I inspect the septic systems and pool.

  3. Monica SpenceMonica Spence

    I am delighted to hear of your success, Shelley. I knew you would pass. Enjoy wearing the fancy robes and the funny hat.

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